25 December 2006

Another Hero Another Diamond

Another 'Hero', whom I'd never heard of until this morning. But thanks to the Internet has now been found and the assimilation of his words begins.

How many times must I re-learn that there is nothing that hasn't been said and done before? So if I cannot be original, I will gladly be a replicant, if only to take my place in the long chain, and hopefully provide a stepping stone to some future scribe whose words will make an immediate difference.

Robinson Jeffers, Poet Laureate of "Inhumanism" 1887-1962, along with Ray Flynn, Smedley Butler, and H.L. Mencken, knew and wrote of the dark side of the American Character decades before I discovered it. (because public schools sure as hell didn't teach it ...but then anything of any real value must be searched for)

Inhumanism? a shifting of emphasis and significance from man to notman; the rejection of human solipsism and recognition of the transhuman magnificence.... This manner of thought and feeling is neither misanthropic nor pessimist.... It offers a reasonable detachment as rule of conduct, instead of love, hate and envy.... it provides magnificence for the religious instinct, and satisfies our need to admire greatness and rejoice in beauty.