19 October 2006

Flashback Jan 1999

from the Muleboy archives...

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Subject: lessons of 98

Lessons of '98

The distilled list of the most important lessons learned during 1998.

Without physical proof of who said or did what, the opposition's spin machine will harvest you for a midday snack. The same applies to videotapes, photographs, and dna samples.

2. If you don't look good, you won't be believed
Makeovers are an absolute necessity if you want credibility on television.

3. Gridlock, Inflated Egos, Shallow Rhetoric, & Tabloid Mudslinging combine to make a wonderful enviroment for economic growth, provided you mix in the key ingredient of adult responsibility at the FED.

4. Baby Boomers RULE
Those self-centered sods born between 1946 and 1957, who personally experienced JFK, LBJ, MLK, Nixon, Vietnam, and the Draft, will determine the focus of our nation's culture until they damn well die. If it's not important to them, it's not important.

5. Our 18th Century Constitution still works
Though it was usurped by the National Security State, our Constitution still provides some protection from the power-addled fascists that each generation produces.

6. The rules are different for the RICH, the POWERFUL, and the BEAUTIFUL
Same as it ever was, but we saw more examples in 1998 than average. The velvet on the iron fist is wearing a bit thin.

7. Bill Clinton is so phony even his insincerety is fake
He has become our national Rorschach Test, some see a beautiful budding rose, while others just see a great big vagina.

1998 provided many needed reminders that the more things change the more they stay the same, but Vuja De, the strange feeling that you have never, ever been here before, is about to make it's presence felt.

Enjoy 1999 while you can, because we are barreling through the looking glass and Alice doesn't live here anymore.

shs 1.21.99

Prescient eh? .. except for # 5 (ouch)