11 November 2005

Don't Look Over There... 11nov05

"Don't look over there, look over here"
sayeth the Corporate Media/Military/Industrial/Financial/Congressional/Presidential Complex.
The first in a recurring series highlighting the successful subordinations of important stories the American public should know more about, but doesn't.

Since August of this year we have been subjected to a barrage of stories with the consistent theme of "Government Ineptitude". With, of course, the one glaring exception.

We've learned all about the curious incompetence of police in Aruba, the 'governing' of post-war Iraq, the fatal lack of initiative in response to a natural disaster, the arrogant stupidity of a petulant, self-serving Supreme Court nomination, and the crumbling willpower of a 'hammer'-less majority in Congress to push it's agenda forward. Not to mention, a deluge of back-biting and disinformation revealed by a formerly leak-proof Administration.

All with great fanfare, and much wringing of hands. A steady diet of incompetence and boobery on display, morning, noon, and night, courtesy of the corporate media, as always.
Which faithfully and effectively served it's purpose in keeping the American people from gazing too long at a story fully pregnant with import.


Time and laziness forbid my explaining further here. Needless to say, if you are reading this, you have access to the Internet and to Google. Do your own homework. Determine for yourself whether I exaggerate or not.

But please always remember, that what you see on the TV, in the papers, and on the homepages of the corporate media's internet sites (and most certainly on the covers of the statist's favorite means of communicating with each other, the national, weekly, "news" magazines) are the stories, or small parts of them anyway, that "they" want you to know about.

For the truly important stories, you must watch for the little flashes that surface and then are subsequently drowned out within a few days. Then you must go digging for yourself to find the details and the contexts and the sub-contexts of the stories "they" would rather you not discuss.

It is well worth the effort.

11 nov 2005