10 November 2005

Predictions 2005

4 October 2005
Supreme Court Nominee Harriett Miers will NOT be confirmed by the U.S. .....HIT 10.28.05

Senate U.S. Representative Tom Delay will NOT run for re-election

Vice-President Cheney's Chief-of-Staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby will be indicted before the 2006 elections .....HIT 10.28.05

25 September 2005
PM Ariel Sharon will be defeated in the upcoming Likud party leadership contest ....MISS 9.29.05

20 September 2005
President Bush will NOT nominate U.S. AttyGen Alberto Gonzales to fill Sandra O'Conner's USSC seat. .....HIT 10.3.05

OIL will rise to over $80 per barrel before 1Jan2006.

13 September 2005
ABC's new TV series "Commander-in-Chief" will not survive beyond it's first season

The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) will go below 10,000 before 1January2006

President Bush will not make his second USSC nomination before Judge Robert's confirmation is decided ....HIT 9.30.05

9 September 2005
A "WindFall Profits TAX" will be intro'd in US Senate, w/ a Republican Co-Sponsor, before Thanksgiving 2005

6 September 2005
The FED will raise % rates 1/4 point or more at the 20Sept05 meeting .....HIT 9.20.05

Senator Hillary Clinton will vote against whoever Pres.GW Bush nominates to fill Sandra O'Connors USSC seat

22 August 2005
The 15 October 2005 referendum on the Iraqi Constitution will not take place as scheduled ....MISS 10.16.05

21 August 2005
Hamas/Islamic Jihad will launch dozens/hundreds of mortar/rocket attacks during the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza ....MISS 8.22.05

The deadline for drafting the Iraqi Constitution will be delayed again .....HIT 8.22.05

The US average cost per gallon of gasoline (currently $2.49) will climb above $3.00 before 2006 .....HIT 9.8.05

President G.W. Bush's approval rating will go below 40% before 1 January 2006 .....HIT 9.9.05

Hillary Clinton will vote FOR the confirmation of Judge John Roberts to the USSC ....MISS 9.25.05