12 June 2007

Start With The Mirror

the promises, treaties, and principles broken
and the millions of lives they've impacted
how can you blame them for doing such things
when it's you who's so easily distracted?

the seeking of power reveals them corrupt
'tis their goal to rule many with few
how much historical record do you need
to learn that the "problem" is YOU ?

did you too get fooled by the dream and idea
of electing them to seek common good ?
then count yourself one among many
but please learn, you misunderstood

such a thing is not in the nature of man
'tis the opposite that's true, and how
asserting the most outrageous of things
and getting away with what we allow

so many before haven't recognized this
and that's why there's suffering still
left unabated, there will be only ruins
let alone a "shining city on a hill"

say "i'm just one person, what can i do?"
you can learn, stand up, even pray
at least tell yourself "i do not consent"
that's the one thing you can do today

and perhaps in the coming tomorrows
if enough others follow your lead
the world will get just a little bit better
and fewer will then have to bleed

stephenhsmith 12Jun2007