28 November 2006

Did they kill Kenny (boy) too ?

So many Bastards... too little time to write about them all. So for those of you who have not yet figured out that Presidential politics is nothing but a more expensive form of the WWE with infinitely more consequences and opportunities for profit by the few, here is today's lesson.

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next POTUS. Done deal.

Like 'American Idol' and 'Miss America' competitions, most folks can see who will win straight away, all that is left is but to endure the formality of the "show". Bill dutifully did his job covering up his and GHWB41's shenanigans from Iran/Contra with it's Arkansas and Israeli connections. After that it was but a matter of time before Bill, being the 'horndog' that he is, got caught with his pants down. (In his defense, if you were married to Richard Nixon in a pink pantsuit, wouldn't you?)

All while little GWB was cultivating his 'born-again-off-the-bottle' image as Governor of Texas. Which was only possible due to the "accidental" coverage of Clayton William's refusal to shake hands with Annie and his Texan-fried fireside joke (botched?) about the weather.

The third confluence of Clinton/Bush interests comes in 2000. (counting the ridiculous notion of nominating Bob Dole in '96) When to both their benefits, Gore is defeated in court, clearing the way for Hillary, and W is elevated to POTUS with a heavyweight cabal of handlers. 2004 gives the Clintons the opportunity to return the favor from 1996, by supporting then undercutting the Democratic party nominee, John Kerry.

Now, President W is busy building the predicate for Hillary's ascension. Squandering all that 'political capital' through intransigence, secrecy, unitary illegalities, incompetence, wars, and corruption (because after all you can't expect him to 'stain' the pizza girl's dress, it's been done already) and fulfilling one of the true-ist axioms in Presidential politics "all second-terms are disasters".

But having successfully lost both the House and the Senate in the mid-term elections, W is not content that he has done "enough" to help. And so it is that we learn this week that a 'Presidential Library Fund' to the tune of $500 million is to be set up. (Clinton's cost $165 mil, GHWB's less than $85 mil) This will allow those who wish to curry favors with/from the W Administration during it's last two years in office to do so anonymously (a travesty in and of itself) while simultaneously sucking up dollars that would likely go to the GOP's 2008 candidates.

And some people say that W is stupid?

Thus we will have successive Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton administrations, complete with all previous White House records "classified" beyond the public's reach.

"Land of the Free...and the home of the Brave"? Like Hell !