28 February 2006

W.. Slick.. & Ironic Dick

"The best Republican President since Ike,
Was Bill Clinton", we only half-joked
The cause of an electoral spike
Well before the intern he poked

And George W, he got off the bottle
Becoming the Prodigal Son
Pre-emptively jumping the throttle
As he made his "glorious" run

No McCain or Cocaine or vote tie
Would keep W from his destiny
Not even an old DWI
Said the College and the USSC

And with each of his budgets that passed
A new joke we were heard to say
"W's the best Democrat President", we sassed
"At least ever since L.B.J."

Then Clinton and W became pals
'Twas enough to just make you sick
Just like Clinton, 'cept not with gals
W's biggest error was his DICK

stephenhsmith 28Feb2006