09 April 2008

The Trick Question ?

I want :

the number of dollars spent by the U.S. Federal Government on subsidies/welfare, both social and corporate (especially high-tech weaponry and the militarization of space) to be set on a path of incremental change, resulting 8 years later in significant, some would say "radical" reductions. (-20% at least, correlated to fewer/fairer taxes and a true balanced budget)

fewer Federal laws more fully and fairly applied. (and fewer FedGov programs/departments/employees) with only 3 categories of persons in the Federal Code: 1. Full Citizen 2. pre-Full Citizen 3. non-Citizen

full restoration of "Habeus Corpus", 4th Amendment protections, 'due process', and 'the rule of law' (regardless of race, creed, colour, orientation, financial status)

50% reduction in the U.S. Armed Forces stationed outside the U.S. (in 8 years or less)

pre-WWII 'checks/balances' of power restored, between the U.S. HoR/Senate, the Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch.

pre-WWII 'balance of power' restored, between the States and the Federal Government.

the integrity of the U.S. borders restored/enforced. (with a fairer/more competent legal-immigration policy, and illegal-assimilation policy)

the elimination of all Federal drug laws and agencies enforcing them.

U.S. FedGov policies/laws to NOT impede research/market solutions to protect/preserve/restore the quality of air/land/water. (and Federal land/water use policies to support, not subvert, those solutions)

U.S. international Trade policies to reflect the need for slower incremental reductions in the gap between foreign workers' standards-of-living/wages and the American labor force's.

The "Trick" Question? ...

Are such desires "Liberal" or "Conservative" ?