25 April 2007

shs quotes 2007

"i try very hard to calculate my writings and utterances so that the sanctimonious will view me as a bastard and that true bastards will regard me as a "snitch". this effort is made much easier by the fact that most bastards feign sanctimony" shs 25april2007

"in the context of how fundamentally stupid Americans are on average, combined with easy access to multiple tools for mass-killing, it is not "news" when a few times each year someone succumbs to the temptation. what is news is that it doesn't happen ten times each day" shs 22april2007

"i cannot recall" the details but "nothing improper" was done
in any event, you can't fire me 'cause i work for the fortunate son
i serve at the President's pleasure and he seems rather pleased with my work
though elections may have consequences it's my job to be a jerk
so if you must call me incompetent and that i'm in over my head
there's not a damn thing you can do about it when i say to you 'drop dead'

summation of AG Gonzales testimony shs 22april2007

"the only thing the American people are seriously interested in is 'making MONEY'. the rule of law, justice, christian ethics applied to capitalism do not even register on the scale in comparison" shs 11april2007

"everybody needs someone to look down upon in order to make them feel better about themselves... homophobes need homosexuals, sexists need the opposing sex, racists need minority races, etc... for me, it's "politicians" (and the pundits that support and enable them)
shs 2april2007

"with each new technology comes the promise of health improving applications and the specter of health reducing uses. why is it that humans consistently overuse new technology's health-reducing capabilities instead of the opposite?" shs mar07

"the most ancient human dysfunctional impulse is how to control other people's behaviour" shs mar07

"when most of the stress in your life comes from the fact that other people don't act the way you want them to, the problem is yours" shs 23mar2007

"the louder they scream 'it's about nothing' the more you can be sure something's there" shs32607

"the sublimely ironic beauty of "Existence" is that it is both supremely special and utterly insignificant at the same time" shs 11mar2007

"people want to believe in GOD, as is written in some old book, because they are so desperate in their hope that some truth is more powerful than lies. the vainest, most destructive waste of effort in human history." shs 9mar2007