20 February 2007

Everyone is...

Everyone is "exceptional".

Everyone is exceptionally smart or abled (in some way)
Everyone is exceptionally stupid or blind (in another way)

Some of the keys to living a successful life are:

searching for (most good things have to be searched for) the thing or things that one is exceptionally good at and exploiting them (though one must be careful of those "moral imperatives") and...

recognizing (searching is not necessary, they'll come to you over time) the things ('tis rarely just one) that one is exceptionally stupid and/or blind about and working (persistent effort is required, no quick fixes here) to minimize, and if possible, counteract, their effects on one's self and others.

But remember also, that finding and doing the thing which brings the most joy and satisfaction to one's time on this planet, is not necessarily one of the things at which one is exceptionally gifted. Indeed, it well may be the opposite. Or more likely, something which requires a disciplined effort over many years or decades and which may never be fully realized, but is worth the cost with it's personal rewards.

Those who dare to strive to do these things are, unfortunately, if you'll forgive the phrase, "exceptional".