01 January 2007

I Am Still So Ashamed

My only consolation is that all the major media organs also did not mention the story among their year-end lists, but then that was probably on purpose.

I'm so very ashamed that in my zeal to recall my favorite stories of 2006, most of which involved the schadenfreude of an anti-statist, anti-imperialist, Irish republican, I failed to recall and remark upon the single most illustrative description of the depraved depths to which modern American culture has sunk and ominously portends to sink further, faster. And the simultaneous example of the value ancient traditions and beliefs can still have in the digital age.

For if there is a GOD, I imagine that the Amish know him better than anyone. And even if there isn't a GOD, by their example, the people of Nickel Mines Pennsylvania profoundly demonstrated mankind's ability to achieve a level of civilization that all others ignore at their, and our, peril.