30 July 2006

Casualties of the unnamed "war"... so far

After 17 days, the "casualties" of the as yet un-named "war", ostensibly between Israel and Hezbollah, are as follows:

(An Asterik * denotes an intended consequence)

1. The democratically elected Lebanese Government. *

2. The Israeli military's reputation for lightning effectiveness.

3. Any lingering notion of the U.S. as an "honest broker" in Middle East affairs. *

4. The Olmert/Kadima West Bank withdrawal plans.*

5. Vocal Democratic Party opposition to Bush Administration foreign policy. *

6. Front page, lead story coverage by the U.S.(and notably, Arab) Media of Gaza, Iraq, Secret Prisons/Renditions, Iranian nuclear programme, atrocity charges against U.S. soldiers, and the escalating violence in Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan/Darfur, Georgia, Turkey/"Kurdistan" and especially, Baghdad. *

7. The credibility of anyone who asserts that "Democracy" is the solution to the problems of the Middle East.

8. The Maliki coalition "unity" government of Iraq.

9. The Prime Minister-ship of Tony Blair.

10. Hundreds of men, women, and children, who would have preferred to go on living, so that they could build something worth living for, instead of supplying their enemies with 'targets'.

How many more intentional and unintended "items" (and people) will be added to this list in the coming months (not weeks) ?

Only Time will tell.