05 March 2006

Mencken RULES

Feel Happy, Feel Lucky, Feel Free... even when facing obvious evidence to the contrary.

Never compromise yourself or your work... be patient, there is an ebb and flow to all things. Your time will come around again.

Never reply or protest an attack upon you... for everyone has the same right as do you, the freedom to say anything about anybody, at any time.

Value competence above all... a masterful demogogue or a masterful shyster is still a master of his craft, whose skills are deserving of praise. Nothing else deserves respect or quarter.

Fall in love with language and with learning... words and knowledge are the stones by which a pen is sharpened into a sword.

These lessons were imparted to me by Edward L. Galligan of Kalamazoo Michigan in his introduction to "A Choice of Days", September 1979, and for which I will be forever grateful. Make them your friend, take them to heart, and write, write, write.

stephenhsmith 5Mar2006