16 November 2005


I lost my head so many times
In looking back they're almost crimes
When instead of trusting I's overcome with doubts
I waited and waited and got so tired
And I lied and lied and then conspired
To make myself the target of hate-filled shouts

I dreamed until I could dream no more
And thought of settling many a score
With those who by circumstance, make the rules
I used up my mispent youth
Searching for the weapons of truth
That I could use to educate the fools

But no one listened, never did
And in my turn, I underbid
And lost so much that I broke down to cry
Now I drift upon the sea
That consecrates both you and me
And rarely do I stop to wonder why

The unforgiving minutes wasted
With many pleasures gone untasted
Still one thing's absolutely ever clear
My open eyes saw more than most
I do not think it an idle boast
When I say, "At least, by God, I was here"